About John

John grew up in Georgia as a pastor’s kid. Music has always been a huge part of his life. After attending Liberty University and singing for the Sounds of Liberty he then became a worship leader in Jacksonville, Florida.

After making it to Hollywood on American Idol, John was chosen to be a contestant on ABC’s Duets. On Duets, John was paired with the amazing and talented Jennifer Nettles and he ultimately finished as the runner up. After returning home to Douglas, Ga John continued to lead worship for his local church and along with his wife Debra…worked hard at building their business J&D Designs and Cafe.

Even though God had blessed J&D Designs and Cafe, John couldn’t help but hear that still small voice nudging him to share his gift and his love for worshiping the Creator. His new EP Spirit Move is a reflection of what God has done in his heart and life. John is now completely dedicated to using his gifts in the hopes that others will be encouraged and worship with a bold spirit.


Spirit Move

by John Glosson

"For the love of Christ compels us..."

“Complete trust and confidence in someone or something”. That’s how Webster’s attempts to define faith.  

A man once tried to trick Jesus with a question when he asked him “what is the greatest commandment?”  In all of his brilliance Jesus answered, Love God with all of your heart and love people. 

I like many have faced my share of ups and downs.  I’ve seen how this world can bring a person to his or her knees. My life by the grace of God has been a reflection that there is no force…nothing in all of creation that is more powerful than the amazing love of our God. 

It is because of this love that I’ve stepped out.  It’s because of his loving patience that I’m now able to pursue my true passion. This is why I am embarking on this journey. More than fortune, fame, accolades, or anything this life has to offer…the Love of Christ is what has brought fullness and joy to my life.

Only the calling of Christ could compel me to leave behind my business of 15 years. My amazing wife Debra and I poured our blood, sweat, and tears into creating and running a business that we love.  But his love and his hand on my life has called me to step out and share his love through worship.

JGM exists as a reflection of my “complete trust and confidence” in the one that first loved. 

I look forward to the day that we get to worship together.  



Kind Words

It's been a humbling and amazing experience for John to get to work with so many amazing people in the ministry and music industry.

You’re like an angel, you sound, so beautiful, so good...There is something super special about your voice, it’s hypnotic. It’s a blessing.
— Kelly Clarkson
Not only does John Glosson have an incredible voice, he has an incredible heart that gives his voice a purity beyond mere talent.
— Dr. Marcus Buckley Pastor of Oasis Church
You are wonderful. Your voice is magnificent,
— John Legend
His voice is like butter...Yeah, he’s that good.
— Rolling Stone


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